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After years of collecting and restoring carousel figures and related items, it is now time to sell all my remaining stuff!  Please feel to browse through these items paying attention to the photos and descriptions. I will always be honest and forthcoming with anything I know about the piece so drop me an email with your comments and you will get a prompt response. All offers will be considered.

Everything goes!

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Genuine Antique Carousel Figures
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Illions stander unfinished carousel horse   authentic allen herschell carousel horse   1927 Illions Supreme Rounding Board

Recently discovered "Spirited Steeds Studio" lost inventory items from the 80's.  
Brand new old stock of unique Illions reproductions.
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fully painted illions carousel cherubillions supreme carousel signature mirror,reproduction

Illions "Flame Mane" replica carved in the late 80's

Illions Carousel Flame Mane Replica Horse
A fine show piece of this iconic horse, click on the image for details.

Interested parties:  Please contact me with your questions, comments and offers.  In an attempt to have a secure site for your use and a cost effective site for me, I have elected to use  email and telephone to meet our needs.  I will answer your email with prompt responses and will ship immediately after your funds clear my bank.  All items shown are located at my home in Chandler, Arizona. If you have serious interest in an item an appointment will be needed to view.  I do not ship outside the USA.  Since crating and freight will be significant  on the larger items you may want to pickup here and save.

Illions Stander
Allen Herschell
Rounding Board
Flame Mane
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