1927 Illions Supreme Rounding Board
1927 Illions Supreme Rounding Board

This rounding board is known to be from the Illions Supreme Carousel which originally operated at Long Beach, Long Island, NY in 1927.

Three Illions Supreme Carousels were built in the mid 1920's.  Two of them were initially installed at Coney Island, NY;  one at the Prospect Hotel in 1927 and the other under Bob's Coaster in 1926.
  The third machine, which this rounding board was a part of, was originally installed at Long Island, NY and a few years later the machine was returned to Coney Island in the 1930's where it was operated by McCullough
at Surf Avenue between 15th & 16th across from Steeplechase.  In later years it moved to a niche just east of the subway terminal until 1968 when it was dissembled and stored.
This Carousel is seen in the 1940's movie Little Fugitive.

illions supreme rounding board lower Lt. cherubillions supreme rounding board plumed figure.1927 Illions supreme carousel rounding board carving1927 Illions supreme carousel rounding board lower Rt. Cherub
This piece was obtained from John Daniels in 1990 by the Spirited Steeds Studio.  Mr. Daniels at one time owned all three of the Supreme machines.  It was carefully restored to itís former glory and  finished in period style.  This is a rare piece indeed surviving from one of only three Illions Supreme carousels know to be built. 

Measures approx. 93" x 55", weighs +/- 100 pounds.  Priced at $13,600.00 FOB. plus crate and shipping.

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