Illions "Flame Mane" Replica
Illions FlameMane carousel horse replica

This is a replica/reproduction of the iconic 1923 Illions "Flame Mane" Jumper. It is all wood and hand carved by Robert Fox in 1986.  Mr. Fox was a popular carver in the San Francisco Bay area. 
This horse exibits the carved signature of Mr. Fox, dated October, 1986 on the belly as well as the signature of the painter "R. Carroll".  The horse measures approximately 73 inches long and the tip of the mane is 76 inches off the ground when mounted on the included stand and brass pole.  It comes with glass eyes and 173 mirrored glass jewels.  This is a striking horse and makes a very dramitic display!  One photo shows a fantasy recreated Illions mirror near the horse.  This mirror is not a part of and is not included with the horse.
Priced at $2200.00 FOB. plus crate and shipping.
Neither of these items are antiques.  It is not my intention to represent either as anything but beautifully created reproductions you will be proud to own and display.

Click on any of the images to magnify that photo to view cracked paint at seam seperations.  All seams seem solid but there are cracks in the paint.
illions "flame-mane" carousel horse replica, rt. rearillions "flame-mane carousel horse replica, head shotillions "flame-mane" carousel horse replica maneillions "flame-mane" carousel horse replica rt. frontillions "flame-mane" carousel horse replica, front legs

illions "flame-mane" carousel horse replica stand.illions "flame-mane" carousel horse replica mane.illions "flame-mane head

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